Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Make your Business Website Responsive with optimal view

Desktop to Mobile – Where is your website visitor coming from?
Responsive websites are the talk of the town today. Your business website is viewed on wide range of devices. Using Responsive Website Development (RWD) methodology helps you craft a website which automatically resizes and scrolls across to suit easy reading and navigation.

Winning Concepts of NS WEB Responsive Website Development Service –
Multi device solution to your website

– Fluid & proportion based grids

Water fits into all shapes. The fluid grid concept of RWD ensures your webpage suits and sizes to relative units of the device instead of using suiting units like pixels/points.

– Size suiting images
Don’t take your images outside the box. Flexible image facility of RWD ensures no image on any kind of device extends/stretches outside its meant area of display.

-Customized Media quires (One site for every screen. Small+Medium+Large)

Right spot @ right time with right quality. *Note- Size doesn’t matter. Media quires of responsive websites allows different CSS style rules suiting to the characteristics of the device the site is being viewed on.

Responsive Website Design is best viewed on –
Desktop Monitor | Laptop | Tablet | Smartphone

Emerging trends in Responsive Website Development

Split Screens

Single page long scrolling websites

Minimum or no use of containing element

Story telling Website Designs

Whole screen websites

Invisible main menus

Scalable vector graphics

Custom Typography

Interactive design

Prominent headers without background